Daniel Blackburn

Daniel Blackburn

Game Designer/Programmer


I am a game designer, coder and maker. My interest in making games started in the early days of computer games then more recently, with help from the Nesta Fellowship, evolved into developing physical electronic games. I'm also interested in collaborative prototyping that misuses new technologies to find new ways to play.

Ever since getting my first computer, an Atari 400 at the age of 6, I've enjoyed playing and making games. I've run my own company, helped grow studios, designed the first massively multiplayer online football management game and received awards for innovation. I have a wide range of experience in the games industry, working both in management and in development. I enjoy working as part of a team and also on self-initiated projects.



November 2011 - Present

Designing and developing projects including a scratch built video postcard mobile web app for the Yorkshire Film Archive and more recently the award winning ValttiKunnat for the Apps4Finland competition.

Director/Owner, Carbon Based Games Ltd.

2002 - October 2011

I set up Carbon to concentrate on mobile phone game development. Initially we developed games such as Defender of the Crown(J2ME) and a port of Mega Man for the Anniversary Collection(PS2) for other studios. We also developed our own original games at this time, such as Slot Car Racing(J2ME). Due to the limitations of the mobile game market at that time we also expanded in new areas of mobile development, such as innovative Bluetooth(Bluevend) and SMS systems for Blink. We also developed tools such as the content management system for SecondSight(C++/Qt).

Studio Manager at Rage Games Plc.

2000 - 2001

After Rage purchased both Caffeine and the IFC I became studio manager of the newly formed Rage Huddersfield studio. Alongside the day to day running of the studio I oversaw the continued development of the IFC as well as the development of games on new mobile and interactive TV platforms, such as Denki Blocks on OpenTV and Gadget Golf for the Nokia 9210i.

Creative Director at Internet Football Club Ltd.

1999 - 2000

A sister company to Caffeine Studios was formed to develop and run the Internet Football Club. I oversaw the development of the IFC as well as a period of growth as we hired a new team with a new set of skills(Sql/Web) needed to make a game of this type.

Creative Director at Caffeine Studios Ltd.

1997 - 2000

Lead game designer and producer of Football World Manager and Football World Manager 2000, both PC games published by Ubisoft.

Programmer/Games Designer at Caffeine Sports Ltd.

1995 - 1997

On work placement from University I joined Caffeine as a tools programmer. My role quickly developed in to game design to fill a need on the Euromanager PC game.


  • Game Design
  • Programming


  • Studio Management
  • Scripting


  • Production
  • Interface Design
  • Prototyping

Selected Projects


Finnish regional data battle card game

Created for the Apps4Finland competition 2012 using HTML5/Javascript.

Dog Game #1

Experimental computer game

A Windows game developed in C/SDL/OpenGL for a Dogma inspired challenge to create a windowed, black and white game with little or no text or interface.


Modular electronic game prototype

TileToy was awarded a "Jury Recommended Works" award in Japan Media Arts Festival and formed part of the Sauma [Design as cultural Interface] exhibition that toured the US and Europe.

The Internet Football Club (IFC)

Massively multiplayer online football management game

The IFC was the first game of it type, creating a persistent world of football that players interacted with through their browser.

Football World Manager 2000

PC football management game published by UbiSoft

Innovative football management game that introduced many new features to the genre. It included many leagues from around the world that had never before featured in a football game. This led to the game being rebranded and localised into many different countries.

Blob Kombat

Amiga shareware game

Blob Kombat was created by myself and David McGlashan in the summer before we both headed off to University. The game was well received and made it onto the cover disks of both Amiga Power and Amiga Format.